It’s time to stop looking back, having regrets, and trying to change the past. This is time we will never get back and the more we focus on the past the less we are focused on the here and now.

What is your biggest regret? What do you wish you could have over? Imagine how different our life would be if we accepted our failure and moved on. That’s right, I am not saying we will forget it, because we won’t, however, we can accept it and move on.

Personally, I wish I would have spent 4 years in LA rather than 7. Spending 7 years in LA kept me from my family, friends, and starting a career. It is time I will never get back, and, during those 3 extra years I wasn’t helping people. I was living solely for myself with no one else in mind.

In the past I would give this regret time and attention, now I accept it as part of my journey and move on. I never think about my days in LA other than for fun. During the workday all I am focused on are my businesses and flipping houses. That is it, I am laser focused on my “To Do” list and getting things done.

How do you rip out the rearview mirror and never look back? You focus on the here and now, you determine what you want and you go after it. When we aren’t focused on the here and now and don’t know what we want is when we wander. Wandering allows us to live in the past, dwell on our failures, and waste energy.

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