Many people live a life filled with structure, predictability, and endless amount of patterns and routines. Patterns and routines lead to predictability, comfortability and complacency… Only when we disrupt our patterns and routines do we change our perspectives, generate new ideas and find our forgotten passions.

Recently, I took a trip overseas with my wife and upon returning my outlook on work and life has changed. What I worried about before seems trivial, and, I realize how short life is and that we truly must seize the moment if we want to live a life without regrets. I am seizing the moment by getting up earlier in the morning to start my work day which will leave more time in the afternoon to work out and read books into the early evening. In the past I would make excuses to not put in extra work, avoid the gym and watch TV rather than read.

During the flight home I also generated an incredible amount of ideas in a short amount of time in regards to the two businesses I run (acting studio and professional speaking). The ideas include new ways to market my business, strategies for 2016, and new classes for my acting studio. I generated more ideas on this flight home than I had generated in the past 30 days prior to the disrupting my normal patterns and routines.

As for passions, they are buried deep inside ourselves and they will never be uncovered if we stay captive to our patterns and routines. The idea we will discover what we love to do while going through the motions of daily life is highly unlikely. We need to change our setting, circumstances and point of views if we are to change ourselves and uncover what we truly want in life.

There are many ways to disrupt one’s pattern, however, I believe changing one’s location is key. This could include going camping for a weekend, hiking in the woods, taking a weekend trip by oneself. The key is to be in a new environment where one has time to think, reflect, and re-analyze one’s goals in life. Changing one’s setting can change one’s outlook on life.