A lifetime of mediocrity is a high price to pay for safety! We can’t try a new process because it could fail. We can’t create a new service for our customers because it is unproven. We can’t hire him/ her because she is too young/ old. We can’t start a new business because we could lose money.

Ricardo Crespo, Senior Vice President and Global Creative Chief for Twentieth Century Fox FCP, said, “know your comfort zone and work hard to stay out of it*.” I am coming out with my second book this December, “Rip Off the Rear View Mirror,” and it would’ve been easy for me to stay in my comfort zone and not write another book. My first book “Smash the Box” was bold, different and catchy: pages upside down, no page numbers or table of contents.

Whatever book I put up to “Smash the Box” causes me anxiety due to its uniqueness and novelty. And I have dragged my feet writing my second book until the start of this year when I decided to get out of my comfort zone and just do it.

It has been over two years since I wrote my first book and paranoia is a big reason why. I kept telling myself: “people won’t like my second book as good as the first.” “My second book won’t be as cutting edge, different or unique.” This negative line of thinking fuels Paranoia!

Let us be clear on greatness. Greatness is living up to our full potential. That is it, we all have different talents, skills and capacities, however, as long as we live up to our full potential we will be great.

What is your biggest fear, what are you paranoid about? Once you have awareness of what is holding you back, you can make new choices and conquer your fear, anxiety and paranoia. Taking action on those choices will give you the opportunity to be great!

Want to not only think outside the box… but SMASH it?

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“The Accidental Creative” by Todd Henry

**Photo by Austin Neill on Unsplash