“Now” is a powerful word because it leaves no chance of future planning. Many of us want to plan our lives away without ever taking action. What if you took action now by:

1. Booking your dream vacation
2. Reading books on a daily basis
3. Exercising

My most recent “Now” moment included reading 2 books a month which I started now (I finished my first book last night and I am ordering my second book today). Reading books gives me new ideas, inspiration and insights both as a motivational speaker and as a human being. The more I read the more ideas I get. However, I have put off reading 2 books a month due to laziness whereas I would rather spend my free time watching TV than reading.

Planning and procrastinating affects our ability to act in the now. It gives us a false sense of security thinking we will get to it at a later date. By planning something out 6-12 months down the road we have a period of time where we do not have to take action and can ultimately move the time table back even further if needed. It’s a never ending cycle of planning, procrastinating, moving time tables back and never executing.

“Now” moments do not have to be monumental decisions in your life, rather, they can be manageable decisions that affect your health, well-being or intellect. If I didn’t act now on reading two books a month it probably never would have happened.

What are you going to do now?