We are surrounded by “Noise” which includes tweets, texts, emails, blogs, podcasts, TV shows, live streaming music, ads, phone calls, likes, and all other acronyms you can think of. This “noise” keeps us from silence where we can think, reflect, and take the time to discover our dreams, passions, and purpose in life. We all need a place to take a step back from the “Noise” and be in silence.

When I jog or take walks in my neighborhood I go to an empty parking lot which allows me to escape the “Noise.” I will sit in this parking lot alone for 10, 20 or 30 minutes and think about the two companies I run, obstacles I am facing both personally and professionally, and dream about the future.

Only during this silence am I able to gain clarity. And that is the key word, clarity. Clarity allows us the opportunity to think clearly about the life we lived, the life we want to live, and what our future can be. And from this clear state of mind, we can begin to discover our deep seated passions that ignite us and gives us energy and purpose.

While, “Noise” keeps us busy, tied up in needless activities, and in constant distraction. These distractions take our focus off of what really matters to us, what can fulfill us and give us energy and light. We focus more on our “To Do” lists and less on our dreams, more on the bottom line and less on our passions, and finally, more on getting through the day than doing something with purpose and meaning.

We all need a place where we can escape the “Noise” if we want our dreams to come to light, our passions to present themselves and our purpose in life to reveal itself. It is difficult to find our dreams, passions, and purpose when we are surrounded by “Noise.”

In closing, Kenny Chesney has a song titled, “Noise”, take a listen and enjoy.

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