We can’t escape our past or erase it, nor, can we stop the future from happening.  However, we can decide where to focus all of our energies on in 2019.  For this purpose, a “Through Line” is needed.

If you create and execute your “Through Line” in 2019, I promise you, your life will be different come 12/31/19.  When we have a “Through Line” in our lives we have direction and purpose in all that we do, think, and act on.  However, when our line is broken or undefined, we wander, waste energy, and remain unmotivated.

Create your “Through Line” and allow it to drive you as you conquer the new year.

Your 2019 “Through Line” 

Define your 3 short term objectives (1-3 years):

Goal #1-

Goal #2-

Goal #3-

Define your long term goal called the super objective (3-7 years):

Goal #1-

Finally, do your short term and long term objectives align?  If yes, you have created your “Through Line!”

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Photo by Kenny Murgor on Unsplash