We live in a time where negative thoughts and opinions appear to be true, and positive thinking is false. Think how far we have come in our thinking: Politicians cheat and do nothing… The stock market is rigged… The real estate market is inflated… Democrats want to tax the wealthy and create socialism. Republicans want to cut taxes to help the wealthy… And the list of negative assumptions goes on and on.

The question is when did we become so negative with the way we think? Part of the answer lies within us, our mindsets. Our negative mindset attributes to the world we live in and create. We build and add to a negative reality when we think all politicians are crooked; when we take money out of the stock market because we think it is rigged; or when we label men and women according to their political party.

Last week, I met a politician in Zanesville, Ohio. I talked to him after an event he and I spoke at and he acted like he knew me for years. He asked about my mom, my brother, and sister and he knew their names. He went on to ask me how I was doing with the loss of my dad. Here is a man that took the time to look up the names of my brother and sister before the event, and sincerely wanted to know how we were all doing with the loss of our dad.

Negative thinking would say he is a politician and he wanted my vote. Truth is I live in Columbus, Ohio and I am not in his district. I couldn’t vote for him if I wanted to. Negative thinking would say he was only doing research on my family to make a good impression on his audience. The truth is he asked me all these questions in private.

We no longer think about the positive attributes of men and women rather their motives and what they want from us. We have been taught to trust no one, fend for ourselves, and believe everyone is out to get us. Because everyone has an agenda and a motive and if we aren’t on guard we could be taken advantage of.

We can’t change society or social media, however, we can chose the mindset we want to create: Positive/ Negative.

Want to not only think outside the box… but SMASH it?

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