I know a friend who puts two $100 bills in his wallet so he never feels broke. He hides them in the back of his wallet and only uses them for an emergency, however, just knowing they are there makes him feel like he always has money.

I never have money in my wallet, everything I buy I use a credit card. And there are a lot of times I feel I don’t have money, I am broke. I have money in my bank account, however, by not having cash on me affects my mindset. It makes me think what would my attitude be if I had a $100 in my wallet:

1. Would I have more confidence in my finances?
2. Would I stress less about money?
3. Would I give more to charity?

The mindsets we create will have a big impact on our moods, behaviors, attitudes and actions. This man who carries the hundred dollar bills has created a mindset that he is never poor which gives him confidence in the business he runs. And on a side note, this man’s business is thriving and doing very well.

Chad J. Willett (National Speakers Association/ Screen Actors Guild) is a motivational speaker who blogs about Williams Shakespeare, Elon Musk, Meg Whitman, Michelangelo, and many other creative geniuses as a means of unleashing our creative energies.