I had a guest instructor at my acting studio this past weekend and he told my actors to “Attack:” Attack the script, get in character, be loud, and don’t hide from the audience. It is all about a mindset, when we attack our situation more times than not we are going to come out with favorable results. While, when we try and hide from our situation, coward to fear, our results will be mediocre at best.

So why don’t we “Attack” our situations more often? To attack we need:

1. Confidence
2. Mentality

We must believe in ourselves and our abilities in order to attack. Whenever I speak to a group I get in an “Attack” mindset by not hiding behind a podium, relying on a PowerPoint presentation, or drifting to the back of the room. Rather, I get out in front of the audience, I tell stories instead of using PowerPoint slides, and interact as much as possible with audience members to make a connection. Whenever I am in this mindset I tend to talk louder, be less nervous, and communicate clearer and more effectively.

Paradoxically, when I am on the “Defensive” and I try to hide from my audience, that is when my anxiety levels are at their highest level, I speak softer, and my communication is muddled. The more I try to hide the more nervous I get.

During your next presentation “Attack” it. Instead of hiding behind a podium, a chair or a desk throw yourself out into the audience and see what happens. I promise you at first you will be scared, but as the presentation goes on you will feel much more relaxed than if you were standing behind a podium or relying on a PowerPoint presentation.

“Attack” your next presentation and experience the difference.

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