Idea generating, branding, differentiating from the competition are an integral part to a company’s (Groups/ Organizations/ Schools) success.  Yet, very few companies have a plan in place to make it happen.  Below, is a creative plan I use with companies in the meeting room as a means of generating new ideas which give them a creative advantage over their competition.

It is a 3 step process where you Identify/ Improvise/ Implement:

Identify- Chose one issue/ challenge/ obstacle you want to generate new ideas on.  For example, it could be coming up with a new product, service, or overcoming a barrier to move your organization forward.

Improvise- Use improvisational principles in your meeting room to improve communication and allow all voices to be heard.  These principles will create a culture of innovation at the workplace where everyone is part of the creative process.

Implement- Chose the idea (s) you want to execute on.  This is where you take all the notes off the board and chose the one or two ideas you want to execute on.

Finally, it doesn’t matter if you use my plan or your own, rather, the question is do you have a creative plan in place?  If the answer is “No” I would ask how do you plan to put your ideas into action without a plan?

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