As a motivational speaker I am always trying to change myself and help others change themselves for the better. Recently, I read a book by Atlanta based pastor, Andy Stanley, and he talked about the concept that “life change happens when we apply truth into our lives”. It was this sentence that caught my attention.

To truly change ourselves we must apply truth to our life. As I think about my life and the times I have been successful or unsuccessful truth has always been a part of it. I find it a constant challenge to be completely honest with myself, but when I am, the reward is worthwhile.

Recently, I began speaking at Shiloh Christian Center (Columbus, Ohio) where I share inspiring stories from the bible. Up to this point, I had held off from speaking at the church and letting people know I was Christian because I thought it would hurt my chances of getting work in corporate America. What changed my mind about sharing my faith was the passage in Andy Stanley’s book and a conversation with the pastor at Shiloh. Pastor Johnny reinforced Andy’s message and told me that I need to share all parts of who I am with the public: actor, entrepreneur, author and Christian.

After this talk I did my first Christian motivational workshop at Shiloh titled “Touch the Robe”. “Touch the Robe” is an inspirational story about a woman who had been sick for many years and was never able to get healed. Only when she found Jesus and touched the fringe of his robe was she instantly healed. There were 7 people in the audience and they were all inspired by this woman and her incredible faith.

I would ask you the reader where can you apply truth in your life? If you want change in your life apply truth to it and witness amazing results.