The words we use to describe ourselves is powerful and has a direct impact on our confidence, self-esteem and mindset. Many of us receive labels from our days in schools which could include:

• Loser
• Class Clown
• Underachiever
• Bully
• Victim
• Weak
• Nerd

The question we need to ask ourselves is what labels have been put on us and do they affect our mindset? Do they hold us back from taking on leadership positions, trying new adventures, and most importantly, living up to our potential?

We must face our “Labels” and dismantle them if we want to change our mindset and excel. The idea that a label we received when we were 5, 10, 15 years of age is still with us as adults is terrible, especially, if it is a barrier in our lives.

I challenge readers to think about the labels you carry around in life and ask yourself does it affect your confidence, self-esteem and ability to take risks? If the answer is yes, we must become aware of our labels and crush them!

It is our morals, values, attitudes, beliefs, work ethic and relationships that make up our character and define who we are. Not a simple word or phrase.

We must re-program the words we use to describe ourselves if we are to break free from the labels that were assigned to us.

Want to not only think outside the box… but SMASH it?

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