The times I get the most done, cross things off my “To Do” list, come from inspiration, not desperation.
Inspiration is what drives us, gives us energy. It is why we get up early in the morning and work out, arrive first to work, and focus our energies at the task on hand.

Some say dream big, what does that really mean? I say “Want” big, know what you want and go after it. Know your short term and your long term wants and give it everything you have. That will be your energy source. Your “Wants” will consume your thoughts, drive your actions and shape your future by going after them.

While, desperation increases our anxiety and drains our energy levels. I know men and women who thrive on the concept of “all or nothing” type of thinking, however, it is a short term solution. Desperation causes us to add pressure, stress, and anxiety to our daily workloads.

Men and women who operate out of desperation don’t know their “Wants,” rather, they are just trying to survive. Desperation may fuel us in the short term, however, we will fade out at the prospect of having our “world” crumble if we have a bad day, week or even a month. It is a negative energy source that will eat at us over time and deplete our energies.

Is your energy source coming from inspiration or desperation?

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