Many companies have a business plan; however, few have an innovation plan!

We will design an “Innovation Plan” for your organization with a focus on the “Smash the Box” techniques and the  “Why, What If, and How*” questions.

These questions lay the foundation for unleashing innovation at the workplace and include:

  • Phase I: The “Why Question” (60 Minute “Teams” Conference Call with Chad J. Willett) We will start with your company’s “Why” questions and gain insights into what product, service, or issue is holding your company back. Asking the right “Why” questions is crucial to unlocking your company’s creative potential.
  • Phase II: The “What If Question” (90 Minute “Teams” Conference Call with Chad J. Willett)  Next, we will generate ideas and unleash innovation by asking “What If,” questions and allowing all the people in your meeting room to share their ideas freely and openly.
  • Phase III: The “How Question” (120 Minute “Teams” Conference Calls with Chad J. Willett) We will devise a step-by-step plan on “How” to put the disruptive idea (s) generated during the “Why” and “What If” phase into a strategic plan. This includes using prototypes, models, polling measures, and multiple trial and error processes and procedures to gain traction.


  1. The “Innovation Plan” Manual
  2. The “Innovation Plan” sticky notes
  3. Books- “Smash the Box” and “Rip Off the Rearview Mirror”

*Questions come from Warren Berger’s book, “A More Beautiful Question.”