Those companies that can come up with innovative ideas, technologies or services are the ones that dominate their respected industry. While, companies that can’t innovate copy and imitate their competition.

Take a look at these three companies and their ability to innovate.


Jeni’s ice cream is head quartered in Columbus, Ohio and anyone who has had their ice cream loves it. Forbes magazine recently referred to Jeni’s founder, Jeni Britton, as “the most notable ice cream authority in the world.” Jeni’s has opened numerous locations across the country, recently in Washington, D.C surrounded by a crowd of 2,000 fans who showed up on opening day.  What makes Jeni’s so unique and different?  Their not-too-sweet flavors which include Bangkok Peanut, Goat Cheese with Red Cherries, Supermoon, Gooey Butter Cake, and Middle West Whiskey and Pecans.

How did Jeni’s Ice Cream innovate?  They came up with an assortment of flavors that their competition didn’t have.

Intuit – QuickBooks:

My wife and I started running our businesses on QuickBooks, an Intuit product. Their interactive app allows us to take pictures of our business transactions (receipts) on the go and auto-track miles.  These information is automatically imported into our QuickBooks account making it easy to record our expenses.  Also, we can link our email and bank information allowing us to transcribe the invoices into our account and deduct the expenses.  These features saves our business time, money, and allows for further deductions on our taxes.

How did QuickBooks innovate?  They made recording and processing expenses, invoices and receipts for entrepreneurs tech savvy and easy.

The Ron Clark Academy:

The Ron Clark Academy located in Atlanta, Georgia inspires high risk youth to be the best students he or she can be.  They have abandoned the old model of teaching that relies on lecture/ test and lecture/ test with an interactive setting that the kids love.  Teachers are on top of desks, they are signing and dancing and doing everything in their power to inspire the youth.

How did The Ron Clark Academy innovate?  They abandoned the old model of teaching and came up with a new way to connect and inspire the youth.

Does your company innovate or imitate?

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash