I was reading excerpts from Ray Bradbury’s book “Zen in the Art of Writing” and he has a principle which he states: “In quickness is truth.” I write a weekly blog and the most effective blogs I write are without hesitation. I have found that the more I delay when I am writing the less honest and transparent I am. This same principle applies when I am speaking.

When I teach my acting classes on the weekends my goal is to give quick and truthful feedback to my students. When I give immediate feedback after their performances I am much more honest and direct, compared to, when I think about what I am going to say and process my thoughts. My feedback that is delayed is more worried about style than substance and truth.

It’s interesting both in my writing and my speaking in quickness lies the truth. And the less quick I am in either medium the more likely I won’t be honest and transparent with myself and with others. In quickness lies the truth is for truth seekers that want to improve, improve others, and live in a reality that is based on facts, transparency, and open communication.

Open communication suffers when we process what we want to say before we say it. The reason being our filters generally want us to be liked, politically correct, and sensitive to others. These attributes in and of themselves aren’t harmful, however, they aren’t seeking truth. Truth is not the number one priority when we delay our communication both in our writing and in our speech.

Think about the last meaningful conversation you had, were you quick with your responses?