What would your life look like if you didn’t fear rejection? If making a mistake, failing, or falling short wasn’t the end of the world? Would you go further in your career? Begin a new business? Start a new relationship?

I presented “Smash the Box” to a bank in Maryland a couple of weeks ago and a man asked me, “What did you learn during your 7 years in LA.. What was my biggest takeaway?” I told him I was immune to rejection.

I lived in LA for 7 years and auditioned for everything under the sun: commercials, films, TV shows, college films, industrials, print work, union work, non- union work, etc. And most of the time I was rejected… I didn’t get the part. I got to a point when I auditioned that I didn’t even care if I got the part, I just wanted to give it my best effort

When I left LA I created a mindset where I didn’t fear rejection or failure- I was immune to it. This includes starting numerous businesses and currently I am running three: acting studio/ motivational speaker/ flipping houses. I love creating and building businesses and the fear of failure doesn’t stop me from doing what I love.

You become immune to rejection by creating a mindset where you don’t care what others think, you believe in yourself and abilities, and you stop seeking approval from others. You live the life you want to live knowing that failing and rejection are part of the creative process. Finally, you tell yourself that it is better to fail at the life you want to live than living the life for someone else.

Want to not only think outside the box… but SMASH it?

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