Groups with original ideas generate revenue. Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Light Stream, Starbucks continuously produce new ideas which allow them to be the leaders in their industry, rather than the followers. While companies that aren’t able to generate new ideas are the followers of these types of companies.

It begins with our ability to generate and create original ideas that have value. First, many groups struggle to generate ideas. Usually in the meeting rooms there are one or two people who control the space and few ideas get on the board. Second, those groups that do generate ideas, many times, they lack value in regards to execution, implementation, or practicality.

The meeting room needs to be treated as a pool of ideas where participants can jump in and bounce ideas off of one another in an environment where two key elements are present:

1. Staying Focused- Many groups bring too many ideas to the table and lose focus on what they are trying to solve or create.

2. Suspending Judgment- Allowing all ideas (even crazy ones) to get on the board is crucial to the creative process and idea generating.

Once we create that “Idea” which has value we need to execute on it and put it into practice. Teams that generate ideas are the ones that will have a creative competitive advantage over their competition. If we can generate new and novel ideas that are different than our competition then we have an advantage.

How many new ideas does your group/organization create during your meetings? Organizations that idea generate and execute will be the leaders in their industry which will result in an increase in revenue and market share.

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