While presenting, getting laughs from your audience is key to connecting with them, breaking the ice, and gaining instant rapport.  I have noticed in my speaking career the more the audience laughs the greater the impact I have on them in my talk.

So, how do we get laughs?  Be honest about yourself and poke fun at yourself goes a long way with audiences. For example, I open up my keynote addresses with a clip from a movie I was in with Paul Walker- “She’s All That.”  I preface the clip by saying, “this is what 7 years in LA gets you” and I show the short clip with Paul Walker and I on the balcony in the movie.  When the scene finishes playing I say, “And that’s it” with a huge roar from the audience I follow it up by saying how proud my mom and dad were of my performance.

In the truth lies the laughter, the comedy, the fun.  It is true I spent 7 years in LA and my “Big” part with Paul Walker is a short scene. I also did a number of commercials, TV shows, college films, and independent films with much bigger roles and parts.  However, poking fun at myself with Paul Walker is where I get the laughs.

What can you use in your next talk that pokes fun at yourself and has a kernel of truth in it?  Again, it isn’t about disqualifying yourself as a speaker, rather, it is having a sense of humor and connecting to your audience.

Are you ready to “Rip Off the Rearview Mirror” and forget the past, stop anticipating the future, and live for the “Now?”

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Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash