One day in LA while trying to get an agent, I executed on an original idea and turned it into an action. As an actor, a high priority was getting an agent, and one way to get their attention, was to mail them your head shot, resume, and a cover letter. I remember being in my apartment in Hollywood, CA and out of frustration, I tried a completely different approach to the standard cover letter where I produced this:

Hollywood Talent Agency (Fictitious Agency)
260 Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood, CA 90210

December 5, 2016

Dear Mr. Smith,




Chad J. Willett

Off of this cover letter I received three calls from agents and ended up signing with my first commercial agent. While, over the past year and a half, when I did the ‘Standard” cover letter, resume, and head shot I never received a call from an agent.

What I learned from this experience is twofold: One, it takes courage to do something different, risky, and off the beaten path. It was much easier for me to send out the “standard” cover letter that all the actors did at that time than create something that is original and different.

Two, when the risk/ strategy is taken it can open up doors for you that wouldn’t otherwise open. I am sure if I continued to send out the “standard” cover letter it would have taken months and months longer to land an agent in LA.

How can you stand out from the crowd, do something different and get noticed? A good place to start is take a step back and think about what your competition does to promote/ market their business? Next, do the opposite of what they are doing by going down a different path.

Many of us have creative ideas, the key, is to execute and put them into action.

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