Flying cars will be zipping across U.S. skies within the coming decade — at least that’s what Uber Technologies Inc.’s Chief Executive Officer Dara Khosrowshahi predicts.

“There will be people flying around Dallas, Texas,” Khosrowshahi said at the DLD tech conference in Munich, his first public appearance in Europe since taking over the top job at Uber last year. “I think it’s going to happen within the next ten years.”

It all begins with ideas and I believe your group/organization can transform your industry by using a three step process I created for “Smashing the Box”:

I. Idea Generation:

Groups, organizations, and companies can transform their future by the ideas they generate. These can be during their weekly/monthly meetings, unplanned collaborations and at conferences.  Their ability/ inability to idea generate will determine what new services, products, or solutions will be offered to its clients.

II. Selection:

Once ideas are generated, the next step is to zero in and chose the ones you want to focus your time and energies on.  The goal here is to select the idea that can be a game changer or disruptor for your group.  The size of your group doesn’t matter, rather, what matters is that everyone in your meeting has a voice and a vote on the ideas that are generated.

III. Execution:

Finally, the last phase is execution.  You and your organization need a creative plan to put these ideas into action.  Many groups have business plans that they spend hours and hours on throughout the year, however, few have creative plans.  Get with your team and create a plan to put your selected idea (s) into action.

UBER is predicting flying cars in the future, what is your group generating new ideas on?

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Photo by Serge Kutuzov on Unsplash