When we don’t have the conversations we need to have, both personally and professionally, we pay a price which includes stagnation, stress, anxiety, and often times catastrophic endings. I am reading a book called “Fierce Conversations” by Susan Scott and I know realize the importance of these conversations. Recently, I had a fierce conversation with my wife where I was thinking of starting a third business (which honestly I can’t remember what it was) and I bounced this idea off of her. She gasped, thought for a second and then the fierce conversation began.

She told me that I needed to focus on the two businesses I have and not to start a third business. She said, “How in the world can I give the necessary time needed to my existing businesses if I start a third?” She went on to say that if I want to be successful in my current businesses these and only these need to be my focus.

I remember just listening in silence and having a moment where I thought how all over the board I really was. I get bored very easy and I am always looking to start new businesses rather than improving the one’s I currently run. The problem is I never stayed in my current businesses long enough to grow them and reap the rewards of a profitable company.

The result of having this fierce conversation has been very powerful in that I have grown both businesses in 2015 and feel the momentum picking up for 2016. However, without this conversation I most likely would have started a third business, and the two businesses I currently have, would have suffered greatly.

What conversation do you avoid the most? Most likely it is the most important conversation you can have and can dramatically change your circumstances both personally and professionally.

*Fierce Conversations- Written by Susan Scott