In today’s politically charged environment I thought it was fitting to do a “Fierce Conversations*” blog. Fierce Conversations is about having those difficult conversations we avoid, the one’s we don’t want to have and put off.

When we avoid these conversations communication breaks down, resentment grows, productivity suffers, loyalty wanes and relationships crumble. We know that communication is the cornerstone of relationships, and without it, they fall apart.

I told my wife last week that in my 42 years of living I have never seen a political environment like the one we have now. Whether you are a democrat, republican, independent, Libertarian or other party affiliation it is almost impossible to have political discussions with friends, co-workers, or families. Most likely you will have people upset, sensitive and combative during the discussion that will end badly.

And the discussions I have seen on social media, in person, at parties, or events are never fierce in that they aren’t about ideas, rather, about agendas, causes, beliefs (often times untested), grudges, hatreds and any other adjectives you can think of.

While at the heart of a Fierce Conversation is getting to the root of the problem/ issue and discussing ideas, solutions, and pragmatic solutions. Where did a free flow of ideas go? When did we all take sides and treat our political parties as our sports teams and we are all together or against one another?

The key is to surround ourselves with people who can talk about ideas not party affiliations, who can debate the merit of an idea and not make an attack or feel attacked, and finally, together, work on finding solutions to a complex time we all live in.

That is what Fierce Conversations are all about.

*Susan Scott- Author of “Fierce Conversations”

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