This is what we do!  In our minds we manufacture realities that are based on assumptions, guesses, and false information.  Next, we create a story that has a beginning/ middle/ end and supplement it with false evidence that appears real.  These realities could be regarding our job, our family, relationships, or finances.

Erik Wahl, a celebrity keynote speaker, had an interesting acronym where he spelled out FEAR the following way:





How many false realities have you and I created?  I know I create them every day.  The root of the problem is assumptions, the more assumptions I make the more likely I am to make “False Evidence Appear Real.”

So how do we change/ combat FEAR?  We live in the “Now” and stop making assumptions.  Making assumptions and believing false evidence go hand and hand.  Once we stop making assumptions, we can begin to negate the power of FEAR.

Want to “Rip Off the Rearview Mirror” and live in the present moment with purpose and direction?

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