Feel fear, embrace it, and allow it to energize you! The problem with fear is that we run and hide from it, allowing it to grow and take over our lives. Once we bring our fear to light and face it head-on we can use it as an energy source. First, define where the fear is coming from. Second, feel the fear and embrace it. Third, perform and execute using the fear as an energy source.

For example, whenever I have a presentation and I am about to go on stage, I get nervous. When I feel the nerves the first thing I try to do is connect to the feeling and turn it into energy; I talk in a loud voice, move across the stage, make large gestures, and interact with my audiences.

I see many speakers that crumble when dealing with fear because they run from it; they stand behind a podium, rely on slides, talk in a soft voice, and disconnect from their audience. They allow fear to drain their energies and take over their presentations.

What is your number one fear?

• Making cold calls
• Presenting
• Teaching
• Leading
• Conflict

Define it, embrace it and allow it to energize you! It is paradoxical in nature, however, the more we hide from fear the more it immobilizes us.

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*Photo- Thomas Roberts/ Unsplash website
** “Fear is energy” is a quote taken from Tony Robbins