Noise” (social media, podcasts, blogs, TV, streaming radio) distracts us from our passions and ultimately, doing what we love. This week I had an “Unplanned Collaboration*” with a fellow tenant and we were discussing “Noise” and the impact it has on individuals. He brought up a great insight during our discussion and said, “Not only is Noise everywhere and distracting… but it keeps most people from finding their voice.” In short, “Noise” drowns us out and keeps us disconnected from what moves us, inspires us and gives us energy and hope.

Think about it:

Do telemarketers really have a voice? Do people buy from them?

Do protestors really have a voice? Are people listening?

Do people who write books have a voice? Do people read them?

Do bloggers have a voice? Do people read the blogs or care?

Do podcasters have a voice? Do people listen?

For many, the protestors, the telemarketers, the books, blogs and podcasts are strictly “Noise.” Yet, everyone wants their voice heard, they want to be seen and make an impact. I write a weekly blog hoping to affect people’s life and not to be discarded in their inbox and part of their “Noise.”

The answer to escaping the “Noise” is complex, however, I do know one way to cut through it: Find our passion. If we truly protest because we believe in the cause it will have an impact, if we write books/blogs because we love to put the pen to the paper it will affect the readers, and if we podcast because we have a passion for helping others it will energize the listeners.

If the individuals creating the “Noise” lack passion they will only add to it. Their message may last six months, a year or even two, but in the end their light will fade, their energies will deplete, and what they create will be thrown into the heap of “Noise.”

Find your passion, act on it and escape the “Noise.”

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