One’s energy, not financial position, will determine one’s success. We all want to be around people who have good energy, who make us feel good about ourselves and others during our interaction. The more positive energy people have, the more success they will have in business, relationships and at work.

Think about the people you like to be around, what type of energy does he or she have? The more energy individuals have the more likely you want them in your circle, at your office, or part of your team. And energy can’t be faked, some individuals who are “over the top” on their energy are too much to handle and they come off as inauthentic. The energy we exhibit needs to be real, genuine and come from a good place. And where does our energy come from, our passion!

Once we tap into our passions we gain energy. Passions could include joining a cause, doing what we love, helping people or giving back to the community. When we find that cause, event, mission or purpose that moves us, awakens us and makes us feel alive then we have found our passion.

If our goal is to make more money, make a difference, or feel better about ourselves we must find our passions, pursue them, and gain energy. Once our energy level increases so too will our successes in life.

* Chad J. Willett is a motivational speaker, author and creative expert. He writes a weekly blog to unleash our creative energies.