In his book Be Excellent at Anything, Tony Schwartz argues that energy management is at least as critical to success as time management:

“The real issue is not the number of hours we sit behind a desk but the energy we bring to the work we do and the value we generate as a result,” he writes. “Instead, we live in a gray zone, constantly juggling activities but rarely fully engaging in any of them- or fully disengaging from any of them. The consequence is that we settle for a pale version of the possible.”

Energy management hinges on our ability to clearly define our goals and go after them each and every day. We need to break our goals down into the “Big 3*” if we are to successfully channel our energies. If we have any more than 3 goals we are working on, at any one time, it becomes unreasonable to manage them. If we don’t have at least 3 goals we are working on, we haven’t taken the time to define them properly and are without direction. The “Big 3” gives us direction in our lives and channels our energies.

By defining your “Big 3” goals you can manage your energy more successfully. You can be laser focused and know that your energies are going toward specific goals.

For me, my “Big 3” goals for 2017 and 2018 include:

1. Speaking Business- Finish my second book, “Rip Off the Rear View Mirror”
2. Speaking Business- Create 2 new keynote addresses/ workshops for my clients
3. Acting Studio- Partner up my acting studio (Broadway2LA) with CATCO

My “Big 3” revolve around my acting studio and my speaking business. I have these goals written down on my daily/weekly notepad to remind me where my focus and energy is going for that week. Every week I am writing blogs and working on my book, my marketing plan for my acting studio, and practicing new material for 2 new keynote addresses/ workshops. Taking the time to define my “Big 3” goals for 2017/ 2018 has me focused on my goals, less anxious about the future, and confident knowing I have a plan in place.

What are your “Big 3” goals for 2017 and 2018? If you don’t know your “Big 3” goals you aren’t managing your energy at its best. You are keeping yourself from excelling at what you do!

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*The Accidental Creative by Todd Henry