Sonya Manchanda, a co-founder of Idiom, said, “Ask people about their needs, and they will give you a long list, one that varies from day to day and week to week. Ask people about their dreams and they’ll give you just one answer, maybe two. It’s not a list but a revealing look into what is truly meaningful in their lives.”

I have a lot of needs, they include making more money, moving into a nicer neighborhood, starting a family, giving more money to charity, attending church on a weekly basis and the list goes on and on. And not only does the list go on and on, it changes from week to week. One week I feel I need more time in church and the next week I feel I need to book more speaking gigs. While the following week I feel I need to volunteer more of my time to a worthy cause. My needs seem to never be satisfied and are constantly changing.

However, I only have a couple of dreams, and the main one is to motivate. As long as I can remember, I wanted to be a motivational speaker and inspire people’s lives. The idea of getting in front of a crowd and inspiring them is what gives me meaning, satisfaction, and purpose to what I do. When someone writes me a thank you note, sends me an email, or responds to one of my blogs I truly feel blessed to have an opportunity to affect that individuals’ thinking. My dreams, unlike my needs, are constant and don’t change week by week, rather, they last for decades.

Compare your needs with your dreams- is there a difference?