It’s easy to make assumptions. The problem with making assumptions is we begin to create a false reality that is not grounded in facts or truth. Furthermore, we are more worried about winning our point with our assumption rather than asking questions and getting to the truth of the matter.

Take for instance two individuals working in the same office entering the building on Monday morning. The man arrives a few seconds before the woman and holds the door as she enters the building. She smiles at the man and he does not return a smile, but rather nods at her. She then proceeds to her office and begins her day.

Throughout the day she thinks back to her fellow employee not returning the smile back to her when she smiled. She begins to think that maybe he is mad at her and that she did something to upset him. She remembers a week ago when they were having lunch and recalling the conversation in her head. She does remember one remark she made to the gentleman in regards to his in laws entering town and thought that may have offended him but she is not sure.

And so the manufactured reality begins. By making assumptions our co-worker begins weaving together a false reality and begins to believe it. Once we manufacture our reality problems begin. Problems include disagreements, resentment, difficulties and misunderstandings. All from an assumption that was made that had no merit.

No PowerPoint presentations… Only powerful experiences