I re- watched Steve Job’s commencement speech at Stanford University and he talks about living the lives we want to live, not the life someone else wants us to live- “Dogma.” The last thing I want to think about is that I am living someone else’s life and not being true and authentic to myself. I believe only when I am clear on my “Wants” do I have the conviction and courage to choose the path in life I want to choose and not be influenced or misguided by others.

That is why knowing our “Wants” is so important, because, if we are clear on what we want to do with our life, our choices, and decisions we are in control. And this blog post isn’t about being a victim or blaming someone, rather, it is taking control of our lives and making our own choices.

And therein lies the power, when we are making the choices for the things we want to do whether it is starting a new hobby, a new business, climbing the corporate ladder, or furthering our education at a local school we are making independent decisions which allow us to control our destiny.

As I get older my wants change, now, I want to provide for my family. The majority of my life I didn’t worry about money in that all I had to do was support myself. However, now that I am married and I have a child I want to support and provide for the family. And the key words here are “I Want”, this isn’t a guilt I feel, or a burden passed onto me from family members or friends, it is what I want.

I challenge you to discover your “Wants” by escaping the “Noise” and taking the time to think, reflect, and ponder on what really matters to you, what you want to accomplish, and what gives you energy and purpose in life. Only with deep thought and reflection can we truly discern what is important to us and the life we will live.

Make 2017 a year of “No Regrets” by knowing clearly what you want and acting on it.

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