Think back one year, the start of 2017 and if I would have told you the following:

·         Bitcoin would go from $1,020.47 to $13,378 per coin

·         Uber would be taking massive market share from the taxi business

·         Tesla is making electronic diesels

·         Amazon would buy a grocery store (Whole Foods)

Would you have believed anything on this list on January 1, 2017?  Most people would say “No.”  And therein lies the problem, our inability to think different.  Remember it is not about buying a bitcoin, or using Uber, rather, it’s our ability or inability to think different, re-imagine what is and isn’t possible and doing the unexpected.

Think Different

In order to idea generate we need to think different and focus on ideas that are out of the main stream thinking.  Whether it will be a new product we are creating, service we are offering, or business we are operating, we need to think different: What can we do that our competition can’t do or won’t do?


For many, we don’t dream or imagine anything different than what our day to day activities bring us.   In order for change to happen we must picture a different reality than the one we are currently living in.  For example, picture your organization dominating the 2018 year with exceptional service, new hires, and robust growth.  Remember, if you can’t imagine anything different chances are nothing will ever change.


Doing the unexpected causes us to feel alive, re-born and powerful as we go through life.  This could include you being a creative leader at your group, organization, or company.  A creative leader who holds impromptu meetings (Unplanned collaborations) with his or her colleagues to idea generate and problem solve on the spot.   Remember, there are many leaders in companies, however, few who are creative.

So what in 2018 do you think is crazy for your life:  A promotion, a new beginning, opening a business, writing a book, advancing in your career?  This is exactly what you should be thinking about and making it happen in 2018!

Happy new year!

Are you ready to “Rip Off the Rearview Mirror” to 2017?

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Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash