We know our IQ, EQ (emotional intelligence), however, few know CQ (Creative Intelligence). Here is a definition of CQ:

Creative intelligence is the ability to go beyond the existing to create novel and interesting ideas. Creative people come up with ideas that are like undervalued stocks, which are generally rejected by the public at large.

Our CQ hinges upon our ability to create and generate interesting and original ideas. However, I will take this definition one step further, I believe our CQ rests upon this formula:




G+S+E is paramount if we are to put our creative ideas into action. First we have to come up with a pool of ideas that are original and have value. If we can’t generate ideas the process of G + S + E is useless and breaks down. We will be pursuing ideas that don’t work, don’t have value, or there isn’t a market for it.

Whenever I have meetings at my office in Dublin, Ohio there are 3 principles I ascribe too during our meetings which allow us to generate bold, daring, and out of the box ideas:

#1- Focus- Stay focused on one idea. The more we focus on one idea the better the outcomes will be in regards to strategies, techniques, and creative outcomes.

#2- Embrace Bold Ideas- Means crazy, off the wall and insane ideas all get put up on the board and judgment is suspended.

#3- Don’t Erase- Groups that don’t erase don’t censor and allow all members to feel a part of the team and contribute.

The GSE formula improves our CQ, however, it all begins with the “G.”

* Chad J. Willett is a motivational speaker, author and creative expert. He writes a weekly blog to unleash our creative energies.