Contrarian thinkers question, debate, and challenge conventional wisdom. They have a greater chance of breaking free from the herd mentality by taking the opposite sides of issues, taking risks, and allowing him or herself to think and act different.

Contrarian thinkers are trailblazers in business. They are the polarizing visionaries who are just as likely to be called crazy as brilliant, and they have the foresight to see hidden opportunities and seize them at just the right moment- (

Below are 4 examples of contrarian thinkers living outside the box in regards to:

• Communication
• Investing
• Politics
• Risk Taking

Contrarians think different in regards to communication and know that the “words mean nothing” and what is important is how we communicate non-verbally- Over 85% of communication is communicated. However, the majority of people focus strictly on the words.

Contrarians think different in regards to investing and know that mutual funds over time are a poor investment choice due to the fees associated with them and chose index funds instead. Index funds typically perform much better than mutual funds and have a much lower fee. However, the majority of working America have their 401K/ Retirement plan in mutual funds.

Contrarians think different in regards to politics knowing that two political parties do not represent tens of millions of Americans views and chose not to be labeled by a party. Independents can express views that don’t fall into the labels of being a Democrat or Republican. However, the majority of Americans are registered as a Democrat or Republican.

Contrarians think different in regards to the risk taking and know that if one is to excel one must take risks which will includes making mistakes. Risk takers know that the only way one is going to gain a big reward is by taking a big risk. However, the majority of people avoid risks at all costs in fear of failing.

Just because one thinks like a contrarian doesn’t mean he or she will be out of the proverbial box of life. However, it does mean that they are thinking about other options rather than following the masses and the herd mentality which is a big step to getting out of the “Box.”

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