As you gather this holiday season, take a glance at what people are wearing at the airports, family gatherings or around the dinner table. How many men/women will you see dressed up; clothes ironed/ pressed, shoes shined, hair, make up, and all that goes into one’s wardrobe? I would draw a connection between the men/women you see dressed up during this holiday season and their mindset.

These individuals take pride in their clothes, have an increased level of confidence/ self-esteem and are successful. I know this is true for me in that when I do motivational speaking and I wear a suit I feel different than the other days when I don’t wear a suit. Having on a suit gives me confidence, an elevated sense of self-worth and makes me feel important.

A counselor from Zanesville, Ohio, Mary Kay De-La-Matias, once told me that it doesn’t cost any more money to look good and presentable. Rather, it just takes effort. And I have to agree, I have bought dress clothes for less than I have paid for athletic jerseys or ball caps, however, how I look depends on me ironing my clothes, getting them dry- cleaned, shining my shoes, and putting my best foot forward. It takes effort.

Again, I go back to mindsets, the men and women you see dressed up this holiday season take pride in their appearance and are successful. And success isn’t just money, they could have successful relationships, children, businesses, or hobbies.

You be judge and observe those you come in contact this holiday season.

Happy holidays to all and I wish you a safe and happy new year!

Thanks for reading the blog!

*”Clothes Make the Man”- William Shakespeare

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