As we gather this holiday season what type of mindset will you have going into it?  The mindset you have will impact your mood, behavior, anxiety levels, and overall holiday experience.  I talked to a child, a parent, and a grandparent and asked them what they thought of the upcoming holiday season.


I asked our daughter Scarlett (1-year-old) what she thought of Christmas.  She looked at me, babbled, and gave me a big open mouth kiss.  I think she is excited.


I asked my wife what she thought of Christmas and the first word she spoke was, “Family.”  Family is very important to my wife and she is spending three weeks with her family in Texas.


I asked a grandparent what she thought of Christmas and she gave me two words: “Worn Out.”

What is your mindset going into this holiday season?  Are you closer to a kid, parent, or grandparent?  There is no right or wrong answer, just become self-aware of your thinking going into the following weeks.

Merry Christmas to all!

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Photo by on Unsplash