The characters we play in life are determined by the choices we make. Create a character (the character being you) that is motivated, inspired and energized by knowing your super objective in 2015. A super objective is the single most important thing you want to do or accomplish in the coming year.

Do you know what your character wants in 2015? What drives you? What is your passion? If you can clearly define your super objective (one goal) this will help you in fulfilling it. A character without an objective flounders and wanders around pointlessly. Take two of Shakespeare’s most powerful characters and their objectives:

Hamlet- He wanted revenge
Macbeth- He wanted to be king

Both character knew what they wanted and took the actions needed to get what they wanted. Also, notice how both character’s objectives have verbs in them (want). The verb is important in that it puts you into action.

If our super objective is to make a lot of money you will take the actions necessary to do this: study the stock market, seek a promotion, start a business etc. If our goal is to lose weight your actions will include exercising, eating healthy and joining a gym.

The problem arises when we don’t clearly define our super objective. It would be similar to a boat out on the open seas without a rudder, it has no direction. The super objective gives us direction and a path to accomplish the single most important goal we set for ourselves.

You want _____________________ in 2015?