As a motivational speaker, I would talk about how I “Smashed the Box” or “Ripped Off the Rearview Mirror” which are two of my popular keynote addresses.  I thought that by sharing personal stories about myself that the audience could relate too would inspire them.  However, it was always through my frame of reference and my point of view and many spectators could not relate to my personal experiences.

Now, I talk about how “You” will “Smash the Box,” or how you will “Rip Off the Rearview Mirror” when I present.  There is something that resonates with individuals when you put the focus on them through the words we select. “You” could be like a staffing company in Columbus, Ohio, who says “Yes And” (“Smash the Box”) in their meetings and they are creating a culture of innovation at the workplace.  Or, “You” can be an individual that creates a “Through Line” (“Rip Off the Rearview Mirror”) in your life by knowing what you want both short term and long term.

As you can see it is a different way to present.  Now, the focus is on my audience and challenging/ inspiring them to take action.  The next presentation you give change your wording from “I” to “You” and see the difference.

Want to not only think outside the box… but SMASH it?

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Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash