If you want to “Rip Out the Rear View Mirror” you need to let go of the blame and move on in life. So many of us live our lives with regret, tension, and aggression towards men and women who did us wrong: Mom, dad, brother, sister, boyfriend, girlfriend, boss, supervisor, teacher, etc.

We all know how to blame someone who did us wrong, that is easy. However, if you want to think different, blame people for the good things that they did for you. For example, I can blame my boss for not getting the most out of my talents while working in corporate America.

• She wasn’t motivating
• She didn’t reward me
• She didn’t value me
• She made me work too many hours

Now I will blame her for the good things:

• She hired me
• She gave me my first management position
• She gave me a 5% raise each year
• She never devalued my worth in front of my co-workers

When we blame people for the bad things they did to us we stay stuck in the past and hold on to bitterness, anger and resentment. These negative feelings keep us looking to the past and out of the present moment.

However, when we blame them for the good things they did to us, along with the bad, it eases the pain, reduces the tension, and allows us to move on in life. In short, it easier to “Rip Out the Rearview Mirror” when we blame that person for both the good and the bad they did to us.

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