Is your calendar filled Monday- Friday from 8:00 am- 5:00 pm?  If not filled, is it full?  We negate ourselves the opportunity to be creative at work by filling up our day with endless meetings, conference calls, and appointments?  The question is do you ever have time to be present during your day?  Actually, in the present moment not thinking about the future or dwelling in the past.  If the answer is no, here is the consequence.

We don’t allow ourselves to be PRESENT.  We are always thinking about our next meeting, conference call, or to do list item which disconnects us from being present.   Even when we are talking to people we are thinking of our next appointment, next item on or to do list or conference call.  We keep ourselves forever out of the moment by overscheduling ourselves and having the NEXT thing to think about.

One cannot create if one is not in the moment.  Creative thinking requires us to be fully engage in the present moment to come up with new ideas, processes, procedures and aspirations.  Corporate America does not have a problem with being efficient, managing time and productivity, however, it does have a problem with creativity.  What does your calendar look like?