What % are you in a square?

Our environment has a profound impact on us. Think about the friends and family members we hang out with and the affect they have on our mood. Negative people immediately bring us down and drain our energies. Conversely, positive people pick us up and give us energy. The same can be said for the physical…

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Tap Into The 7 Secrets Of Silicon Valley’s Innovation Culture

Silicon Valley isn’t just a spot on a map. It’s a brand—a global symbol of enduring innovation. Mark Zuckerberg moved Facebook from his Harvard dorm room to Silicon Valley. Steve Jobs grew up there. The stereotypical image of the entrepreneurial garage comes from the real one in Palo Alto that housed HP. But what, exactly,…

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We Can’t Fake The Way We Communicate Non-Verbally

There are many things we can do and say that are inauthentic, dis-genuine, and fake. However, we can’t fake the way we communicate non-verbally. What we think and feel will show in our non-verbal communication. Furthermore, if 93% of our communication is communicated non-verbally, then why don’t we pay more attention to it? Rather, individuals…

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Change Your Character in 2015

The characters we play in life are determined by the choices we make. Create a character (the character being you) that is motivated, inspired and energized by knowing your super objective in 2015. A super objective is the single most important thing you want to do or accomplish in the coming year. Do you know…

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“There are moments when you stand on the brink of a new experience and understand that you have no choice about it. Either way you walk into the experience or you turn away from it, but you know no matter what you chose, you will have altered your life in a permanent way. Either way,…

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Make Statements- Improvisation in the Workplace

The Groundlings School of Improvisation taught me to make statements. I personally love to ask questions, however, this keeps me from thinking outside the box. Last week I talked to a real estate company in Columbus and did my keynote address- “Eyes of a Leader”. I had the entire audience perform improvisation to experience the…

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Acting in Corporate America

One of my acting students was a doctor at Ohio State before he got transferred to Pittsburgh. He had an interest in acting and wanted to see what it would be like to get on stage and perform. My student signed up for my 8 week film acting class and made all 8 weeks. The…

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Starting fires (negativity) in the workplace is an easy formula. Make an assumption about someone at your office (spark). Create a beginning, middle and end to your story to support your assumption (flame). Operate in a negative manufactured reality (fire).

Mr. Barzo

Imagine you’re at an elementary school and you have 3 teacher’s to choose from that includes teacher “X”, teacher “Y” and Mr. Barzo. Teacher “X” and teacher “Y” operate out of their head/box and are very linear, structured and serious. They follow their lesson plans, keep the class quiet and orderly, work off a Smartboard…

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Turn Off the Tape Recorder

Operating out of our head/box allows the mind to increase our anxiety levels. That is exactly what happened when I lived in L.A. and went on my auditions. My mind would start racing and telling myself I had to be perfect in this audition otherwise I may never get another shot. It would go on…

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