Innovative Culture

Open-plan offices make employees less productive, less happy, and more likely to get sick

A well-designed office is a happy office. As facilities managers strive to save space and cash, they’re reshuffling desks and fiddling with temperature gauges. All of which has an impact on workers’ performance. Open-plan offices may make some kinds of collaboration easier, but are they more conducive to productivity? What’s the most irritating workplace distraction? And are those state-of-the-art workstations actually more comfortable? Here’s the…

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Body Language

What Is Your Body Language Awareness Score?

This 10 question quiz will give you some clues as to your own body language and how you read others body language. It can help you become more aware of what may be working or not working for you when it comes to creating relationships. Up to 93% of what we say is said through…

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Jesus heals a woman

Life Change Happens When We Apply Truth To Our Lives

As a motivational speaker I am always trying to change myself and help others change themselves for the better. Recently, I read a book by Atlanta based pastor, Andy Stanley, and he talked about the concept that “life change happens when we apply truth into our lives”. It was this sentence that caught my attention….

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How Facebook Inc, Google Inc Are Different: Ex-Employee Explains

Ex-employee of both Google and Facebook shares his working experiences, and explains what makes the two different from each other. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) and Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL) have a lot in common but at the same time are also different. The core business of both tech firms is almost similar, i.e., providing information, but…

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7%… What about the other 93%?

Two weeks ago I delivered a keynote address to a group of CFO’s titled “Eyes of a Leader” and we talked about the importance of non-verbal communication. Researchers say that 93% of communication is communicated non-verbally: facial expression, body language, tone of voice and gestures. We decided to do some improvisation where we had a…

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What % are you in a square?

Our environment has a profound impact on us. Think about the friends and family members we hang out with and the affect they have on our mood. Negative people immediately bring us down and drain our energies. Conversely, positive people pick us up and give us energy. The same can be said for the physical…

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Tap Into The 7 Secrets Of Silicon Valley’s Innovation Culture

Silicon Valley isn’t just a spot on a map. It’s a brand—a global symbol of enduring innovation. Mark Zuckerberg moved Facebook from his Harvard dorm room to Silicon Valley. Steve Jobs grew up there. The stereotypical image of the entrepreneurial garage comes from the real one in Palo Alto that housed HP. But what, exactly,…

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We Can’t Fake The Way We Communicate Non-Verbally

There are many things we can do and say that are inauthentic, dis-genuine, and fake. However, we can’t fake the way we communicate non-verbally. What we think and feel will show in our non-verbal communication. Furthermore, if 93% of our communication is communicated non-verbally, then why don’t we pay more attention to it? Rather, individuals…

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Change Your Character in 2015

The characters we play in life are determined by the choices we make. Create a character (the character being you) that is motivated, inspired and energized by knowing your super objective in 2015. A super objective is the single most important thing you want to do or accomplish in the coming year. Do you know…

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“There are moments when you stand on the brink of a new experience and understand that you have no choice about it. Either way you walk into the experience or you turn away from it, but you know no matter what you chose, you will have altered your life in a permanent way. Either way,…

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