I presented “Smash the Box” a couple of weeks ago and during the Q & A session a woman made the comment that being in the box is comfortable and safe for a lot of people and that isn’t a bad thing. And then a man in the group said, “But being in the box is boring.”

My initial reaction was to agree with this man, however, I paused and thought about it and I agreed with this woman that a lot of people want to be in the box for safety, comfort, stability, and re-assurance which can be a good thing.

Being in the box is comfortable and we all have times in our day when we want to be in it. Whether we follow our everyday patterns and routines, sit in the same seat every day, eat the same food for lunch, or drive the same way to work every day there is comfort in routine.

However, at the heart of “Smash the Box” is transforming the culture into one of innovation where everyone is involved and part of the process and this could include men and women in and out of the box. The ultimate goal of “Smash the Box” is to create a culture of innovation where everyone participates in meetings, the white board isn’t blank but messy, and teams can tap into every ones creative talents.

What this woman taught me is that whether a man or woman wants to be in the proverbial box of life isn’t what is important, rather, tapping into their talents is. Even if someone is caught up in their daily patterns and routines they still have creative capabilities that companies need to use if they are to idea generate, innovate, and create something new.

Does your organization have a culture that uses your creative talents?

Want to not only think outside the box… but SMASH it?

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