We all hear the catch phrases: be authentic, be true to yourself, say what you mean and mean what you say. However, I take it one step further by adding “discover your viewpoint.” This includes your views on religion, finances, work, and politics. Once we establish our point of view on issues, causes, and conflicts our true identity emerges.

Recently, I have created stronger points of view on things that matter to me: faith, family, finances, politics, and charity. For example, my wife and I pray before every meal we eat. First, we are thankful for the food we eat and the blessings we have. Second, we want our daughter to grow up in a faith based house.

As for finances, she and I ascribe to the notion of keeping our debt down. We don’t want to be debt slaves! Again, we aren’t perfect and we have some debt, however, we don’t want our debt to dictate our future. We don’t want to be paying interest for the rest of our lives, or renting and never owning. This is a strong point of view both of us share.

In the political arena, I am becoming an independent. I believe it is hard to have an open and flexible line of thinking when we have to ascribe to a certain political affiliation. The idea that I will believe everything my party stands for on a wide range of issues (education, health care, deficit, etc.) is unimaginable.

Rather, I may agree with one party when it comes to health care, another party on immigration, and a third party on the deficit. I want my own point of view that isn’t boxed in by two political parties that I have to conform too.

What is your point of view on faith, finances and politics? Do you share them openly and honestly? If the answer is “No” your viewpoint isn’t being heard or recognized.

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