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Straightjacket – The Perfectionist Mindset

Are you a perfectionist?  Do you think you are a creative person?  The majority of men and women I talk to who describe themselves as perfectionist don’t see themselves as creative.  While, those who describe themselves as imperfectionist see themselves as creative people. It comes down to the mindset (Perfectionist/ Imperfectionist) you and I take…

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Humor is Truth

While presenting, getting laughs from your audience is key to connecting with them, breaking the ice, and gaining instant rapport.  I have noticed in my speaking career the more the audience laughs the greater the impact I have on them in my talk. So, how do we get laughs?  Be honest about yourself and poke…

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I talked to a company this week about creating a culture of innovation in the workplace and Alethephobia- being scared of the truth. During that address we did a Q & A session and I asked the audience why are we scared to have truthful and honest discussions with co-workers, managers, friends and family? Here…

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“Virtual Reality Living” vs. “3-D Living”

Do you live in a “Virtual Reality” or a “3- D Reality?” With all the terrible tragedies going on around us, it is essential that we take the time to re-evaluate our culture, the way we live and the way we communicate.  Many of us experience a “Virtual Reality Living” on a daily basis, which includes…

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Conquer fear

Mindsets- “Attack”

I had a guest instructor at my acting studio this past weekend and he told my actors to “Attack:” Attack the script, get in character, be loud, and don’t hide from the audience. It is all about a mindset, when we attack our situation more times than not we are going to come out with…

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Escape the “Noise”

Noise” (social media, podcasts, blogs, TV, streaming radio) distracts us from our passions and ultimately, doing what we love. This week I had an “Unplanned Collaboration*” with a fellow tenant and we were discussing “Noise” and the impact it has on individuals. He brought up a great insight during our discussion and said, “Not only…

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“Status Quo”

Your number one competitor is status quo! Companies spend millions and millions of dollars researching their competition, yet, their fiercest competitor is inside their own walls. When “Status Quo” wins the following happens: Mindset- Doing things the way we have always done it is built on the premise that it has worked in the past…

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Go to Mars

“Choose to go to the Moon”

President John F. Kennedy taught us to dream, to think bigger than our current situation, and make bold choices. JFK motivated his citizens to do the unthinkable and unimaginable which included going to the moon. All of us can have our own “Moon” experience if we: 1. Set goals- Create big, bold and audacious goals…

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“Flying Cars in 10 Years”

Flying cars will be zipping across U.S. skies within the coming decade — at least that’s what Uber Technologies Inc.’s Chief Executive Officer Dara Khosrowshahi predicts. “There will be people flying around Dallas, Texas,” Khosrowshahi said at the DLD tech conference in Munich, his first public appearance in Europe since taking over the top job at…

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I re- watched Steve Job’s commencement speech at Stanford University and he talks about living the lives we want to live, not the life someone else wants us to live- “Dogma.” The last thing I want to think about is that I am living someone else’s life and not being true and authentic to myself….

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Smash the Box


We are surrounded by “Noise” which includes tweets, texts, emails, blogs, podcasts, TV shows, live streaming music, ads, phone calls, likes, and all other acronyms you can think of. This “noise” keeps us from silence where we can think, reflect, and take the time to discover our dreams, passions, and purpose in life. We all…

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Energy= Success

One’s energy, not financial position, will determine one’s success. We all want to be around people who have good energy, who make us feel good about ourselves and others during our interaction. The more positive energy people have, the more success they will have in business, relationships and at work. Think about the people you…

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