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Smash the Box


We are surrounded by “Noise” which includes tweets, texts, emails, blogs, podcasts, TV shows, live streaming music, ads, phone calls, likes, and all other acronyms you can think of. This “noise” keeps us from silence where we can think, reflect, and take the time to discover our dreams, passions, and purpose in life. We all…

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Energy= Success

One’s energy, not financial position, will determine one’s success. We all want to be around people who have good energy, who make us feel good about ourselves and others during our interaction. The more positive energy people have, the more success they will have in business, relationships and at work. Think about the people you…

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“I Am the Greatest”- Power of Words

Muhammad Ali said “I am the greatest” and he was the champ! When Interviewed, Ali said he kept telling himself and others that he is the “greatest” hoping that it would come true someday. And sure enough it did, but where the power lies are the words he used to describe himself: greatest, champ, butterfly,…

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Motivational Speaker

We Know About the “Why”… What About the “Want”

Simon Sinek made knowing your “Why” very popular during his TED Talk presentation. Recently, I also heard a gentleman at Toastmasters International give a talk on his “Why” and how it changed his life. I want to go one step further, the “Why” is important but just as important is the “Want.” What do we…

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Pattern Disruptors

Many people live a life filled with structure, predictability, and endless amount of patterns and routines. Patterns and routines lead to predictability, comfortability and complacency… Only when we disrupt our patterns and routines do we change our perspectives, generate new ideas and find our forgotten passions. Recently, I took a trip overseas with my wife…

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The Customizable Experience

I had an unplanned collaboration with Ken Lazar (Principal/ Ability Professional Network) and we talked about the customizable experiences. The movement away from mass production and toward the customizable experience for customers. Here are some examples of the customizable experience: Amazon– When you buy an outfit on Amazon you get the exact size, shape, color,…

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Fierce Conversations

When we don’t have the conversations we need to have, both personally and professionally, we pay a price which includes stagnation, stress, anxiety, and often times catastrophic endings. I am reading a book called “Fierce Conversations” by Susan Scott and I know realize the importance of these conversations. Recently, I had a fierce conversation with…

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Live outside the box

Change Roles/ Change You

I had a student in my film acting class who was a doctor at The Ohio State University and he took the class to improve his presentation skills. His name was Zulfiqar and he went by “Z.” Z took the 8 week film acting course and after the class ended, he and I were backstage,…

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Stop Scrolling & Start Creating

How much of your day are you scrolling through: • Texts • Emails • Google • FaceBook • Any other social media mechanism This is what consumes our hours, our day, and for some, our life. We need to take control back in our life and control the machines that are controlling us. To give…

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Fear is Energy!

Feel fear, embrace it, and allow it to energize you! The problem with fear is that we run and hide from it, allowing it to grow and take over our lives. Once we bring our fear to light and face it head-on we can use it as an energy source. First, define where the fear…

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I know a friend who puts two $100 bills in his wallet so he never feels broke. He hides them in the back of his wallet and only uses them for an emergency, however, just knowing they are there makes him feel like he always has money. I never have money in my wallet, everything…

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Negativity = Truth?

We live in a time where negative thoughts and opinions appear to be true, and positive thinking is false. Think how far we have come in our thinking: Politicians cheat and do nothing… The stock market is rigged… The real estate market is inflated… Democrats want to tax the wealthy and create socialism. Republicans want…

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