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Creativity Lies Outside of Me

When I present to groups (companies/organizations/ schools) I have members do a stream of consciousness technique to discover their inner dialogue and the barriers they have constructed that keep them from being creative. When members share their stories of the words they have written on their paper during this exercise 3 key issues surface and…

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Steve Jobs Took a Risk & See What Happened

I had just finished presenting my one hour keynote presentation “SMASH THE BOX” where I was talking to the event planner when a gentleman from the corner of my eye caught my attention. The gentleman was about six tables away and slowly approaching the two of us talking. He was a man with a big…

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Stifling Creativity- Embrace the Mess

What walls do you or your organization put up to stifle your ability to be creative? One wall I want to discuss is our endless pursuit of perfectionism. Perfectionism crushes creativity! To be creative one must allow themselves to experiment and explore and in the process be imperfect. Experimentation and exploration are the bedrock to…

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