I talked to a company this week about creating a culture of innovation in the workplace and Alethephobia- being scared of the truth. During that address we did a Q & A session and I asked the audience why are we scared to have truthful and honest discussions with co-workers, managers, friends and family?

Here are some of the responses:

• Consequences- When we are honest we could be punished or reprimanded

• Hurt Feelings- We will hurt other people’s feelings

• Fights- It will starts arguments with people

• Tension- It will create friction between the two parties

I have an office in Dublin, Ohio and my goal is to surround myself with individuals that are direct, candid, fierce, and honest with me and my businesses. I know the only way I will improve and get better is to have an open forum where we can debate ideas, speak openly and honestly, and push each other to excel.

And that is what a culture of innovation is, it allows members to debate, challenge and think outside the box when dealing with a host of issues and challenges. This type of culture even though it is rooted in truth and provokes fierce debates, is all about respect where original ideas turn into actions.

As the future unfolds, groups, companies, teams, and individuals that have honest conversations about themselves, their issues and struggles, strengths and weaknesses are the ones that will beat out their competition. Because in the end if we aren’t able to communicate openly and honestly it will have consequences with all who are involved.

I will ask you the same question:

Why is it so hard to find people who can be honest, forthright and candid with us?

*Urban Dictionary

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