Activity breeds activity which produces results.  Looking back at my life the times I am most successful in my businesses is when I am calling, writing, emailing and blogging.  Whether or not that specific activity leads to a new sale, idea, or passion isn’t the end result.  Rather, it’s a means to an end that will lead to more results which includes new sales, ideas, or passions.

I know two businesses in Columbus, Ohio which are in the staffing industry and both are growing and thriving.  The reason being is that their recruiters are active.  Both firms have their recruiters make a 100 calls a day to prospective clients or candidates.  These calls are documented and recorded each day and the staff is held accountable.  The results are connections, interviews and most importantly placements.

Whatever your passion is if you want to become more effective the key is to take action.  Again, you and I may not get a direct sale from a call, a new student from a placement, or your dream job tomorrow.  However, once you begin unleashing action on it things will begin to happen.

Unfortunately for many, and I will into this trap as well, we are not patient with our action.  To start an action and then to stop doing it kills all the momentum.   The opposite of action is inaction.  Obviously when we are inactive nothing is put into motion and results will not occur.  If we want to be more successful we need to be active and see the results.