One of my acting students was a doctor at Ohio State before he got transferred to Pittsburgh. He had an interest in acting and wanted to see what it would be like to get on stage and perform. My student signed up for my 8 week film acting class and made all 8 weeks. The class ended with a showcase where he performed with acting partner in front of friends, family and industry professionals.

He was in my class over 4 years ago and what he told me in the wings of the Shedd Theater (Columbus Performing Arts Center/ Columbus, Ohio) has stayed with me every since. He told me he had a concept of acting before he took the class as being fake, make believe and putting on a show. However, after taking the class he realized that while he was acting that was one of the few times he felt alive, truthful and genuine. While the real act was when he went to work as an doctor and talked and worked with patients and all the duties he needed to fulfill as a doctor.