When I was at the University of Kentucky we had a guest speaker come to our campus and in the workshop he talked about “3-D Living”. During the workshop he had us walk around the room and examine objects looking for as much detail as possible. I examined a chair in the room and he had me look at the structure, texture and even the smell of the chair as I examined it. I noticed things about that chair I had never seen before, and I had probably been in the room with the chair a dozen times. It was an interactive workshop where we were to engage all of our senses as a means of being in the moment.

After the workshop I was walked back to my apartment and I stopped in the middle of the campus to pick up a blade of grass I looked at it for the longest time. I looked at its texture, shape and even smelled it. By engaging all of my senses and focusing on the piece of grass the amount of detail I saw in it was quite remarkable.

As I continued to walk back to my apartment I gave this more and more thought and what I started to think about is how little I actually used my senses throughout the day. Instead of using my senses I was in my head/box which dulls out and nullifies the five basic senses.

Let’s start with touch. Picking that piece of grass and focusing on the touch and texture of it was an experience in and of itself. It had a smooth surface with a ridge in the middle of it going from the top of the blade to the bottom. The tip of the grass having some brown on it, like it had burned in the sun. Now ask yourself when is the last time you touched something and remember that kind of detail? Had that kind of experience? For me the answer is not very often and the same goes for taste.

After this workshop I ate pizza and bread sticks at Rex Chapman’s restaurant 3’s. Rex was a former basketball star at Kentucky and opened an Italian restaurant that I would visit with my parents when they came to town. It was named “3’s” because he was a guard known for his 3 point shot.

The bread sticks they served were huge. They were probably 8 inches wide and over a foot long sitting in a silver tray soaked in butter. I loved them! I had just completed this workshop so I was focusing on engaging all of my senses included taste. When I ate the breadstick I remember tasting the garlic and the butter that was oozed all over the bread. I personally love garlic so tasting it was a treat. I ate the first bite on one end and left it in my mouth for an extra few seconds so I could soak in the aroma of the garlic. I would trade off eating the pepporoni pizza and the garlic bread and allowing each to have an experience in my mouth as I savored the food.

I could go on and give experiences with sight, smell and hearing but I think you get the point. To experience 3-D Living one must engage all of their senses. Unfortunately, I find myself living 2-D rather than 3-D and I think part of this is due to the culture I am living in- technology culture.

Living 2-D can be attributed to a sign of our times. I watch a lot of television at night and during the day I am usually in front of a computer so my environment is 2-D. Furthermore, think about being in front of a computer, TV or cell phone only one of senses is generally engaged… The other senses are abandoned. The only two senses that are engaged are sight and sound during our technological era. Is it any surprise our touch, taste and smell senses are underused and under developed?

For us to SMASH THE BOX I truly feel we must engage and use all of our senses to experience 3-D living. The more we are watching TV, on the phone and internet the less we are going to use the other senses and this will further put us in the BOX.